Leader in propulsion and electrification testing


Leader in propulsion and electrification testing

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering offers an extensive range of capabilities and support. It helps its customers innovate and optimize the performance and durability of their products

Its test laboratory in Livonia, MI, operates 14 test cells 24/7 with technicians and test engineers to ensure cell runtime and customer satisfaction.

Test Services

All test cells are equipped with AC Dynamometers that incorporate the latest inverter and control technology

This facilitates precise control and allows Millbrook to conduct the full range of tests from steady state to highly dynamic trace profiles.

Capabilities at a Glance:

Power range

15kW to 900kW

Speed range

0 to 17,000rpm

Torque range

0 to 40,000Nm Up to 80,000 TOT

DC power

0 to 400kW


DC voltage

0 to 1,000VDC

DC current

0 to 900A

Environmental chamber temperature range

60°C to +180°C

Sub Systems

  • Conditioned recirculation oil systems
  • Water-over-axle cooling systems
  • Thermal chambers
  • Thermal chiller and heater systems
  • Standard and custom mounting fixtures
  • High response torque meters
  • Power analyzers
  • CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay communication
  • High speed data logging
  • Post mortem logging

Support Services

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering has a team to support each customer’s specific requests in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction. Its experienced engineers offer services which include mechanical design, electrical engineering and controls support.

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