Electric Powertrain Test Systems

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering designs and builds turnkey dynamometer-based test systems which enable its customers to perform a full range of testing scenarios – from the simplest to the most demanding. It is ready with advanced technology and ideas to assist its customers with their systems and testing needs. Its engineers and technicians will work hand in hand with the customer's team to develop innovative and practical solutions.

System Components

For electric/hybrid testing, a DC-DC converter is used. This allows the voltage supplied to the inverters controlling the test article to be decreased to a level which is typical to what the motor will see when installed in a vehicle. The output voltage and current can be controlled to any level between 0–750 VDC. Control can be analog, digital, or serial. The output filter on the DC–DC converter minimizes ripple and assists the drive in controlling the slew rate of voltage and current.  

The Revolutionary engineering Pro System (REPS)

The Revolutionary engineering Pro System (REPS) offers each customer complete cell control, and high-speed, accurate data acquisition in one product. The customer has the option of adding on multiple controlled devices and acquisition systems. REPS can support a wide range of communications protocols, including: CAN, Analog and Digital, ProfiBUS, Ethernet, Fiber Optic and GPIB.

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