Electric Motor Test Systems

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering provides leading edge test systems for development and test for a variety of electric vehicle systems and components such as electric motors, inverters, batteries, belt integrated starter and generator testers, and electric motor driven transaxles.

Millbrook’s dedicated Project Managers and Engineers are able to customise testing to suit specific customer requirements.

Electric motor test systems

  • AC dynamometer and UUT mechanically mounted to a common base structure
  • Designed to allow for accurate and repeatable driveline alignments
  • Common bus inverter and battery simulator design
  • Driveline speeds to 25,000rpm
    and beyond
  • Precision incremental rotor locking for UUT locked rotor testing
  • Custom environmental control UUT chamber for cooling and heating (-40˚C to 150˚C)
  • UUT coolant and lubrication systems
    • Water glycol, ATF, oil
    • Temperature conditioning (-40˚C to 120˚C)
    • Precision flow and pressure control

Battery simulator features

  • DC supply and DC load
  • Voltage control
  • Current control
  • Resistance simulation
  • Full filtered output to minimize voltage ripple (typically less and 1%)
  • Modular design

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