Designed for safety, durability, long life and high performance


Testing anything from axles to batteries, inverters and e-motors

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering offers turnkey dynamometer-based test systems, enabling its customers to perform a full range of testing scenarios in-house - from the simplest to the most demanding

Its dedicated Project Managers and Engineers are the best in the business; they are always on hand to deliver customizable dynamometer-based test systems to fit each customer’s unique specifications.

Driveline Test Systems

Designed for safety, durability, long life and high performance

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s driveline test systems can handle a broad spectrum of driveline components, including axles, transfer cases and shafts.

Powertrain Test Systems

Test, validate and develop powertrain systems and components

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s powertrain test systems are built with a combination of engineering fundamentals, proven design concepts and modern technology. The systems offer the user the flexibility to test any type of product including engines, transmissions, hybrid transmissions, clutches and torque converters.

Skilled mechanical, electrical and control engineers are part of the entire project to ensure long life, high performance, and safety of the system.

Electrification Test Systems

Leading edge development systems for a variety of electric vehicle systems and components

Turnkey Inverter Test Systems

  • Synchronous control of all inverters being tested
  • Can use one common cooling system for all test articles
  • Test articles can be installed in series with a 3 phase transformer and inductors selected to mimic the inductive loading of the customer’s motor
  • Include all required power analyzer equipment and instrumentation

Electric Motor Driven Transaxle Test Systems

  • Mount electric motor/transaxle assemblies so that they can be tested together as they would be installed in a vehicle
  • Include a battery simulator and two AC inverters
  • Include all required power analyzer equipment and instrumentation

Turnkey Electric Motor Test Systems

  • Installed on a common system base to mount the AC dynamometer and electric motors
  • Designed to maintain accurate driveline alignments during test article change outs
  • Include a battery simulator
  • Designed to operate at speeds of 25,000rpm up to 75,000rpm
  • Custom environmental chambers and sub ambient cooling systems (-70°C to +180°C), coolant circulation from -40°C to +140°C depending on the coolant type

System Support 

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s highly experienced on-site support team provides a rapid response to service requests which include troubleshooting, maintenance, calibration, inspections and repairs

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