Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS)


Configurable and easy to use

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s flexible and intuitive test cell automation platform provides each customer with complete control over every aspect of their test system

Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) runs and automates a variety of tests, including part failures, efficiency, speeds, torques and impacts, while allowing the user to create reports and logs.

Core capabilities:

  • Fully configurable control modes
  • Configurable displays, buttons, and indictors
  • Master setup which links individual setup files for convenient saving and loading
  • HIL simulation
  • Customer Add-ons through our LabVIEW Plug-in (LVP)
  • Road load simulation
  • Powerful test profiler
  • Playback for importing and replacing field-measured data
  • PID Control
  • Authentication for managing user and access rights
  • Web based and VNC based remote access


  • 8,000 standard channels that can be user modified
  • Built in channel calibration utility
  • User defined PID parameters
  • Constant or variable alarm limit
  • Configurable low pass filter channels
  • Virtual channels
    • Waveform
    • Ramp
    • Integration
    • Differentiation
    • Formula
    • Trigger

Communication protocols:

  • FlexRay, ASAP3, CCP, XCP
  • Existing drivers for external instruments
    • AVL smoke meters and micro soot sensor
    • Yokogawa power meters
    • Throttle and shift controllers
    • CAS Drivers
    • Opdax water-cooled chillers/heaters
    • Sorenson power supplies
    • Revolutions counters


  • Real time data logging
  • Post Mortem logging
  • Multiples data report formats (TDMS, Text, MS Excel)


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