RDW Technical Services Provision

At a glance

Millbrook offers a category “A” technical service for the RDW, the official type approval authority of the Netherlands.

RDW type approval testing for buses on Hill Route at Millbrook Proving Ground
Pass-by noise measurement test on a car at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook can provide RDW type approval test services and make RDW type approval applications for the following regulatory acts:

Bus test at Millbrook Proving Ground
  • Anti-theft (ECE R18)
  • Audible warning (ECE R28)
  • Braking (ECE R13-H and ECE R13.11)
  • Bus and coach (ECE R107)
  • Door latches and retention equipment (ECE R11)
  • Electrical safety (ECE R100.01 and ECE R100.02)
  • Frontal collision (ECE R94)
  • Heater installation (ECE R122)
  • Identification of controls (ECE R121)
  • Lateral protection systems (ECE R73)
  • Noise (ECE R51.02 and ECE R51.03)
  • Rear end collision (ECE R32)
  • Rear underrun protective devices (ECE R58)
  • Replacement silencers (ECE R59)
  • Safety belt anchorages (ECE R14)
  • Seat belt installation (ECE R16)
  • Seats, anchorages and head restraints (ECE R17)
  • Side collision (ECE R95)
  • Statutory plates (EU/19/2011)
  • Steering equipment (ECE R79)
  • Tanker roll over stability (ECE R111)
  • Towing device (EU/1005/2010)