Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Testing

At a glance

Millbrook provides a Technical Service for the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and can provide compliance reports for the purposes of Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA).

Engineers completing individual vehicle approval at Millbrook
Vehicle pass-by noise measurement test at Millbrook Proving Ground

Compliance reports that follow IVA testing are specific to each vehicle. They are required where IVA applicants are unable to get a statement of compliance from the vehicle manufacturer, but must demonstrate that the vehicle meets required standards for the United Kingdom.

Engineers conducting IVA test in Millbrook laboratory

As an additional service, Millbrook compiles data-packs of supporting technical specifications for the precedent vehicle and sends this to the DVSA. This enables the DVSA to issue a model report. Model reports allow subsequent vehicles of the same type to be accepted without repeating IVA testing.

Millbrook is able to provide compliance IVA test reports for the following IVA requirements:

  • Noise (70/157/EC, ECE 51.02 or ECE R51.03)
  • Exhaust emissions, light duty Euro 5 and 6, NEDC and WLTP (EC 715/2007 and EU 2017/1151)
  • Steering effort (70/311/EEC and ECE R79)
  • Braking (71/320/EEC, ECE R13-H or ECE R13.11)
  • Seat belt anchorages (76/115/EEC or ECE R14)
  • Electric vehicle safety (ECE R100.01)
  • Tilt test for Bus and Coach (ECE R107 Annex 3)

IVA testing in France