Homologation Support

At a glance

Millbrook conducts vehicle homologation testing and can assess existing, forthcoming or proposed legislation to provide technical reports on its implications. Millbrook’s engineering teams have experience and knowledge of legislation for the United Kingdom, European Union and other global regions.

Vehicle road load data analysis acquisition on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground
Millbrook engineer conducting vehicle homologation testing with certification agency
Vehicle homologation testing on Millbrook Hill Route

Vehicle Homologation

Millbrook maintains a comprehensive global legal database of automotive homologation requirements. This is used to interpret and advise how regulations will impact customers’ products and identify tests required to ensure compliance or certification.

Close working relationships with various regulatory and approval authorities are held, so Millbrook can act as a representative during critical automotive homologation negotiations. Using its knowledge, facilities and equipment, Millbrook can test vehicles to the relevant regulations across a range of global markets.

Regulation and Homologation Testing in France

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