Full-Scale Vehicle Crash Test Laboratory

Millbrook’s full vehicle crash test lab offers passive safety test and supporting services. It is a large, established crash test facility in the UK with secure preparation bays and on-site workshops.

Millbrook carries out front, rear, side and pole impact vehicle crash tests, as well as electric vehicle battery mechanical impact and shock testing. It uses a state-of-the-art electric drive system to propel test objects to speeds between 4kmh and 90kmh (2.5mph to 55mph).

Crash test dummy certification and calibration laboratory at Millbrook

Vehicle crash tests allow manufacturers to measure ATD injuries and to validate passive safety features including restraint solutions and car body structures against legislative requirements. Millbrook supports customers in developing vehicle crash sensing capability and countermeasures for all markets. It is a specialist in crash testing high voltage battery electric and hybrid vehicles.

Millbrook’s crash test lab is equipped for recording up to 450 analogue channels, including accelerometers, gyros, pressure transducers, load cells, current clamps and displacement.

Cameras can be fitted on-board the test vehicle and around the facility, including under the impact area, to capture vehicle crash test footage. Millbrook operates a variety of 24fps and high-speed cameras filming up to 2,000fps at full HD.

Millbrook is the only European test house signed off to conduct TRIAS 17 testing. This testing is witnessed by the VCA, based on-site at Millbrook Proving Ground.

Side impact safety NCAP crash testing of a car at Millbrook test laboratory

Full Scale Vehicle Crash Tests

These include:

Millbrook can carry out pole, side and frontal development NCAP crash tests on vehicles with conventional, electric and hybrid powertrains.

It also offers a crash test dummy certification service.

Euro NCAP Crash Testing

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