eCall Development and Certification Testing

At a glance

Millbrook has the ability to carry out eCall testing in both the sled test facility and full scale crash laboratory.

Ecall test equipment in Millbrook's sled test laboratory
Millbrook engineer setting up ecall testing in sled laboratory

Independent connectivity and functionality assessment testing for eCall systems can be completed at Millbrook using a network simulator.

Ecall test set up in sled test laboratory at Millbrook

eCall Durability Testing

eCall system development testing can be completed using the tuned corridor pulse, with 70g nominal deceleration, on Millbrook’s ServoSled. This durability test assesses whether the eCall system will function following a severe crash test. To complete the test, the eCall system is fitted to the ServoSled, its functionality is checked and then the sled is fired. The functionality check is then repeated.

eCall testing is also completed in Millbrook’s Full Scale Vehicle Crash Test Laboratory as part of ECE R94 or ECE R95 testing. This allows manufacturers to sign off their eCall capability via an external witnessing authority or to prove functionality to support internal gateways.

Millbrook also delivers GLONASS testing with support from the Russian approval authority Svyaz-Certificate.

This capability is part of Millbrook’s wider passive and active safety test offering.