Aircraft Seat Testing

At a glance

Millbrook conducts rotorcraft and aircraft seat testing in its sled test facility. Millbrook completes rotorcraft and aircraft seat testing to a variety of standards. Using a selection of test pulses, high accuracy and repeatability is achieved.

Millbrook engineer using sled facility and crash test dummies to conduct aircraft seat testing
Millbrook engineers using sled facility and crash test dummies to conduct safety test on aircraft seats
Millbrook engineer safety testing aircraft seats

Aircraft Seat Testing

Millbrook tests rotorcraft and aircraft seats systems for civil and military applications. It can test many seat types, including single first-class seats with appropriate surrounding furniture, economy double, triple and quad seats, jet pilot seats with head up display (HUD) and complete environments. Millbrook’s engineering team can also build these environments, on behalf of customers, to ensure their suitability for the high accelerations imparted during the test.

The accuracy and rapid nature of pulse tuning on the sled enables customers to tune test pulses to their own requirements, up to the last moment prior to test firing. The 80g maximum acceleration also enables the test facility to meet all of the test severities of the test types offered.

The testing uses a range of high speed cameras to capture the test event. These can be used for film analysis following the test event as required.

Detailed measurements are taken using a calibrated Coordinate Measurement Machine before and after aircraft seat testing. This enables customers and witnessing authorities to understand the dynamic movement experienced by the test parts and Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) during the test.

Millbrook has ISO 17025 accreditation against each of the following regulations.

  • EASA CS23.562
  • EASA CS25.562
  • EASA CS27.562
  • EASA CS29.562

HII ATDs to regulatory specification are used during these tests, either in a ballast condition or to measure Head Impact Criteria (HIC) or spine loads. Millbrook’s ATDs are certified and calibrated in-house.

Six axis seat base load cells are available to measure the floor attachment loads between the seat and the simulated aircraft floor. Seat belt load cells are used to measure the belt loads during the test.

Additional instrumentation is available on request and activities such as firing seat belt airbag devices can be offered.