Sled Testing Facility

Millbrook in the UK offers static and dynamic sled testing for a range of vehicle types and the aerospace, marine, healthcare and rail markets. It performs reverse accelerating linear shock tests to simulate physical crash conditions.

The current ServoSled test facility replaced a HyGe sled in 2015. The sled is equipped for testing to a wide range of global safety standards. It delivers accurate and repeatable results, with pulses precisely correlated to full scale crash, legislative and CAE test pulses.

Sled testing enables vehicle development and type approval for regulatory purposes, and sign-off against varied global standards. Millbrook’s sled test facility is also recognized for healthcare tests, including wheelchair and W.A.V.C.A. (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters Association).

FIA crash test for racing seat homologation on Millbrook's sled test facility for seats

Sled Tests Include

As well as a range of other customer in-house requirements and legislative standards.

Sled test facility at Millbrook which replaced a HyGe sled in 2015

ServoSled Test Facility Specification

  • 12” ServoSled sled test system
  • Maximum speed 90km/h (56mph)
  • Maximum acceleration 80g
  • Servo-hydraulic pulse control
  • Highly accurate and repeatable acceleration and velocity profiles with extremely high frequency response

Sled testing in France