Vehicle Accelerated Structural Durability Testing

At a glance

Millbrook provides accelerated structural vehicle durability testing to assess the integrity of any land vehicle including motorbikes, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and defence vehicles.

Vehicle road load data analysis acquisition on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground
Vehicle durability test procedure with truck on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground

Each accelerated durability test Millbrook conducts can be a reproduction of an OEM original test, a bespoke test to suit a client’s particular requirements or a test chosen from Millbrook’s comprehensive suite of established procedures.

5G test bed at Millbrook Proving Ground with self-drving car and vehicle testing on the High Speed Circuit

Accelerated Durability Test Example

A vehicle manufacturer approached Millbrook with a request to perform an accelerated durability test of a pre-production sample of their new vehicle to provide confidence in the structure, design and manufacture before series production. 

The test of the vehicle’s structural durability made use of Millbrook’s purpose-built tracks, surfaces and features to emulate the operation of the vehicle in a real world environment. The process provided the forces and inputs that are consistent with in-service use but in an accelerated time frame. A variety of roads were replicated from standard European type driving. This enabled a decade of vehicle usage to be applied to the vehicle structure in a matter of five months.

Continual vehicle operation was possible using the driving support team that operates 24 hours a day. This allowed the most efficient compression of the test duration to support the ambitious development cycle defined by the customer.

Throughout the accelerated durability test, inspections were conducted by experienced engineers and vehicle technicians. The customer was kept advised of any issues or observations with the vehicle structure using the regular issue of Incident Reports accompanied by digital photos. Standard spare parts and consumables such as tires and brakes were replaced by the workshop team at prescribed intervals, to ensure the test progress was maintained and no delays were caused due to a failure of an item or system which was not under investigation by this specific vehicle structural durability test.