Bus and Coach Durability and Reliability Testing

At a glance

Millbrook conducts bus and coach durability and reliability testing by simulating the operation of the vehicle in a real-world environment.

Bus test at Millbrook Proving Ground
Bus durability and reliability testing on the High Speed Circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground

The testing involves reproducing the forces and inputs consistent with in-service use. This may include events such as simulated bus stops, heavy “start/stop” traffic and other scenarios typical to city center and urban environments. Millbrook conducts these durability tests to assess fully assembled buses and coaches.

5G test bed at Millbrook Proving Ground with self-drving car and vehicle testing on the High Speed Circuit

Durability Testing a New Bus Design

Millbrook tested a new bus design with previously proven powertrain and suspension components. Areas of interest included newly designed and manufactured chassis and support structures, integration interfaces and mounting systems, and vehicle body assemblies.

Millbrook’s test tracks at its proving ground in the UK provided the forces and inputs consistent with in-service use in an accelerated time frame. Specific elements were included, such as reproducing the picking up and setting down of passengers and a variety of weight conditions. This provided the full range of vehicle inputs and excitations encompassing vibration frequencies and amplitudes expected.

Millbrook’s test engineers continually advised the customer of any issues and observations as they occurred through incident reports with photography. Tests were supported by Millbrook’s comprehensive workshop where experienced technicians investigated and repaired any issues with the vehicle.