Vehicle Durability Testing

Millbrook offers distance accumulation and accelerated vehicle durability test schedules, accelerated corrosion testing and vehicle quality assessments.

Vehicle durability test procedure with truck on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground

What is a durability test?

Durability and reliability of a vehicle can be assessed on a proving ground or in a laboratory by replicating real-world conditions and stresses that the vehicle would experience in service.

Instead of collecting data on public roads, proving ground and test laboratory-based vehicle durability testing methods provide repeatable, correlated results, often in a fraction of the time. At Millbrook, these include testing a vehicle on a ride simulator or hub dynamometer, running road load simulation and vehicle simulation on a powertrain rig and driving an accelerated vehicle durability test schedule on its purpose-built test tracks.

In addition to full-vehicle durability testing, Millbrook assesses durability and reliability of vehicle systems and components, such as seats and whole powertrains.

Bus durability and reliability testing on the High Speed Circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground

Vehicle Durability Testing at Millbrook

Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK has 70km on and off-highway test tracks with a circular High Speed Circuit, Hill Route (also known as the Alpine Circuit) including gradients up to 26% and specialist durability surfaces and features.

With the increasing electrification of vehicle powertrains, Millbrook’s test track, with its extensive Hill Route, has proved ideal for the validation of EV, HEV and stop/start systems.

Winter testing can be supported by Millbrook’s proving grounds in Finland which features year-round cold weather testing capability in its indoor facilities.

Vehicle road load data analysis acquisition on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground

Over the 50 years of vehicle test operations Millbrook has developed a comprehensive suite of vehicle measurement and validation test capabilities. Its vehicle durability test schedules cover a broad range of vehicle types and uses and have been developed using state-of-the-art road load data collection equipment and techniques.

Millbrook’s measurement and correlation team can develop tests correlated to in-service data or other facilities around the world, tailored to suit a customer’s particular needs.

Real-time data acquisition for vehicle testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

Data collection plays a significant part in the role in vehicle durability testing and enhances Millbrook’s offering. Millbrook’s expert technicians and engineers perform partial or full instrumentation of a vehicle to collect data anywhere in the world, which can be used to develop new schedules or correlate Millbrook to other OEM proving ground schedules such as the PASCAR test.

Millbrook’s on-site 5G network allows data to be streamed to the durability test engineer delivering real time CAN or instrumentation data during the test, allowing information to be relayed to the customer quickly for fault finding and decision making.

Track-based Vehicle Durability Testing

This testing is supported by a range of Millbrook's durability test facilities, including:

Durability testing in France