Vehicle structural testing laboratory at Millbrook

Functionality and Structural Testing

Millbrook offers functional and structural tests which cover reliability, durability, robustness and performance assessments of vehicle body and chassis systems and components.

It uses hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators, vibration tables and climatic chambers to create structural test programs to support almost any customer requirement.

Applications include vehicle stress and strain analysis, multi-axis suspension testing, hub fatigue testing, steering system validation and static strength, torsion, bending, fatigue, durability and ultimate strength testing.

JCB on a ride simulator test rig structural test laboratory at Millbrook

Quasi-Static Structural Testing

  • Quasi-static loading up to 880kN
  • Static strength, torsion and bending
  • Ultimate strength
  • Creep
  • Crush tests
  • Multi-channel control

Dynamic Structural and Fatigue

  • Servo-controlled loading up to 500kN
  • Shock tests
  • Multi-channel control
  • Sinusoidal or road load inputs
  • Fatigue test
  • Cyclic durability
  • Drive signal generation
  • Multi-axis shakers for combined structural and environmental testing, RLD, sine, random and shock tests
  • Ride simulator