Road Load Data Acquisition and Analysis

At a glance

Millbrook conducts road load data acquisition and analysis as part of its vehicle measurement and accelerated durability test offering. Its expert engineers can correlate vehicles, public roads and proving ground test tracks to create accelerated vehicle durability schedules.

Road load data analysis and acquisition as part of Millbrook's vehicle measurement test service
Durability and reliability of vehicle testing and road load data analysis at Millbrook Proving Ground

The schedules can be driven on Millbrook’s test tracks or recreated in its laboratories on the ride simulator, virtual proving ground simulator or structural durability test rigs.

Millbrook has its own road load data acquisition vehicle, fully instrumented by its in house team with over 60 channels, DC accelerometers, strain gauges and torque measurement devices. Millbrook can replicate the instrumentation on a customer vehicle.

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At its proving ground in the UK, Millbrook offers real time data acquisition and reporting using its 5G network. Reporting can be automated and test data securely streamed for remote viewing.

Road Load Data Acquisition and Analysis Project

Millbrook developed a whole vehicle durability test for a vehicle manufacturer, based on an existing procedure that was developed at another test facility. The objective was to provide the customer with an alternative durability testing location in the UK.

Millbrook used its road load data acquisition and correlation vehicle, equipped with a multitude of sensors including accelerometers and strain gauges on suspension components. These pieces of equipment measured accelerations and forces exerted by proving ground test surfaces.

Vehicle road load data analysis acquisition on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground

Road Load Data Acquisition

Road load data was collected at a test facility to create a target damage model using Relative Damage Spectrum (RDS) and Relative Damage Intensity (RDI) functions. Road load data acquisition was completed using test surfaces at Millbrook Proving Ground and used to correlate with existing data.

The design and layout of Millbrook’s test surfaces and access roads catered for the development of efficient test schedules using a modular approach. This demonstrated an improvement to historic-cycle-based test schedules because it allowed for flexibility and better management of durability fleets.

Road Load Data Analysis

Millbrook’s road load data analysis provided the vehicle manufacturer with confidence in comparable results. Initial test vehicles running the newly developed test were monitored closely to ensure test performance and so any required modifications could be made.

Road load data acquisition allowed the customer to quantify the structural content and acceleration factor of their existing test. Using the data in conjunction with vehicle usage information, further tests could be developed for different vehicle platforms.