Vehicle Benchmarking

At a glance

With 70km of custom-built test tracks, world-leading test laboratories and four event venues on site, Millbrook Proving Ground is an ideal location for vehicle benchmarking exercises.

Vehicles on the High Speed Circuit bowl at Millbrook Proving Ground during Cenex-LCV event
Vehicle quality assurance and conformity of production testing at Millbrook

Millbrook supports the vehicle benchmarking process by sourcing vehicles, providing an ideal ride and drive venue, collecting vehicle data, offering vehicle system tests and supplying filming and photography services as required.

Benchmarking is a key activity in the vehicle development process and provides a valuable insight into attributes of competitor vehicles. Millbrook engineers can advise on the benchmarking process, including objective and subjective evaluation methods.

Vehicle benchmarking on the Hill Route alpine circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground

Vehicle Benchmarking Event

A manufacturer wanted to benchmark various vehicles in order to inform decisions for their initial vehicle concept.

Millbrook sourced all of the required vehicles (ranging from popular c-segment cars to ultra-high-end luxury vehicles) and hosted the vehicle benchmarking event at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK.  Millbrook interrogated the CAN systems of the vehicles and installed data loggers in order to record relevant data channels during the benchmarking event. 

Vehicles were tested over a number of days by engineers from the manufacturer, with each engineer evaluating their own vehicle attribute(s). 

Due to the location at Millbrook Proving Ground, a wide range of vehicle test support services were on hand during the vehicle benchmarking event in order to deal with tire changes, wheel alignment specification changes, and various other requirements that became apparent.