Vehicle component key life test and corrosion test laboratory at Millbrook Proving Ground

Quality Assurance Testing

Customer-perceived quality and brand identity are major selling points for any vehicle manufacturer.

Millbrook puts together comprehensive quality assurance test programs to monitor the quality of build levels of pre-production vehicles, all the way through production to include Conformity of Production (CoP) testing.

Millbrook’s test engineers and technicians work with manufacturers to ensure a quality product. They perform CoP and quality assurance testing to appraise attributes which critical customers will focus on.

Engineers conducting vehicle certification in Millbrook laboratory

Build Appraisals and Benchmarking

  • Quality of feel
  • Gap and flush
  • Vehicle teardowns
  • Group appraisals and analysis
  • Competitor appraisals
  • Comparison between vehicle using scoring analysis

Conformity of Production Testing

Critical Customer and Warranty Period Assessments

  • Whole-vehicle durability assessments
  • Component assessments

Acoustic and Squeak and Rattle Appraisals

  • Track or laboratory-based testing and measurement
  • Subjective or objective using a binaural head or microphones
  • Sound quality