Pass-by Noise Testing

At a glance

Millbrook offers pass-by noise measurement to international standards for vehicle homologation and development. It conducts minimum and maximum sound level noise tests, following ECE R51.03 and ECE R138, as well as tailored pass-by noise testing.

Vehicle pass-by noise measurement test at Millbrook Proving Ground
Pass-by noise measurement test on a car at Millbrook Proving Ground
Vehicle pass-by noise measurement test at Millbrook Proving Ground

Conformity of Production Noise Measurement

Conformity of Production (CoP) noise measurement is a major part of vehicle manufacturers’ on-going type approval obligations. Constructing and maintaining a pass-by noise facility with the correct topography and noise measurement equipment is costly to set-up and staff with engineers and technicians.

Customers outsource CoP noise tests to Millbrook to ensure independent certification at its secure site. This eliminates investment costs for in-house noise measurement equipment and noise test engineers.

Noise Test Experts

Millbrook has a close relationship with NVH experts HBK, also owned by Spectris. HBK supports Millbrook to ensure noise measurement is performed accurately and efficiently, with the possibility to test multiple vehicles each day. This helps customers to conduct testing in shorter lead times.

Customers can ship a transporter-load of vehicles to Millbrook for noise testing. Using its 268m compliant surface, Millbrook performs standard noise tests to international standards, or tailored testing to meet customer requirements. Customers can attend the pass-by noise test site to observe testing, if desired.

Millbrook is able to conduct noise tests to all current pass-by noise regulations and standards, including UNECE, TRIAS, SAE, FMVSS, China GB/T.

Millbrook’s noise test facility is suitable for the following tests:

  • Static vehicle noise measurement
  • Type approval noise test with authority witnessing to global regulations
  • Pass-by noise for tyres or whole vehicles
  • Noise source identification
  • Audible warning
  • Conformity of production tests - large volumes of vehicles for annual CoP requirements
  • Noise testing passenger cars, buses, trucks and off-highway vehicles
  • Free field noise measurement
  • Free field EMC testing

Millbrook’s noise test facility is also suitable for R117 tyre noise testing for passenger car and light commercial vehicle tyres (C1 and C2).