Vehicle Brake Testing

At a glance

Millbrook tests to a wide variety of vehicle brake testing methods. These cover brake performance, refinement/NVH and certification. It offers light and heavy vehicle brake testing, from motorcycle to military and armoured vehicle brake tests.

Vehicle dynamics testing at Millbrook Proving Ground
Wet brake testing at indoor winter tyre test facility in Finland - Test World

Millbrook’s experts test to customer procedures and can also save development test time by creating tailored, accelerated, proving-ground-based test cycles correlated to traditional road test routes.

Millbrook Proving Ground car test tracks aerial view

Heavy Duty Vehicle Brake Performance Test

During brake homologation testing on a heavy duty vehicle, Millbrook identified a tendency for wheels to lock under certain conditions. The customer was able to call on Millbrook’s test development and instrumentation experience to perform an investigation into the root cause of the issue.

Millbrook used high-speed data acquisition to measure the wheel speed sensor raw signals, and combined this with ABS ECU data of processed wheel speeds, independent wheel speed measurements, and GPS.

Taking measurements at each point in the measurement chain, and including independent measurements, allowed the root cause (erroneous ABS ECU signal processing of the wheel speed sensors) to be clearly identified, meaning the manufacturer could quickly resolve the issue and continue the homologation process with minimal delay to the test program.

Vehicle Brake Testing at Millbrook includes:

  • Brake performance testing to in-house and customer procedures
  • High-speed (over 150mph) brake fade tests using the High Speed Circuit
  • Low-speed brake fade tests including NAPFM and AMS brake tests
  • Stopping distance measurement on high µ (>0.9) flat asphalt surface
  • Pedal feel objective and subjective measurement and assessment
  • Brake cooling performance measurement
  • Pad material evaluation, friction measurement and comparison
  • On-vehicle DTV generation with uninterrupted running on the High Speed Circuit
  • Brake judder assessment and measurement
  • Brake noise/squeal testing and brake NVH for component modal analysis
  • Simulation of alpine test routes using the Hill Route
  • Hot and cold pre-conditioning and noise evaluation using climatic chambers
  • Year-round cold weather testing using its indoor test facilities in Finland
  • Water and dust pre-conditioning using wading troughs (e.g. Swedish Water Recovery) and dirt and gravel roads
  • Testing of air and hydraulic braking systems
  • Approved site for ECE Reg 13H, 13-11 and FMVSS 126 Type Approval testing
  • Conformity of Production (CoP) tests