Military Vehicle Capability, Mobility and Stability Testing

At a glance

Millbrook was requested to evaluate the capability, mobility and stability of a military off-road vehicle. The customer was looking to compare their new vehicle against established benchmarks including a Land Rover Defender.

Defence and military vehicle testing on the off-road test tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground
Military vehicle testing at Millbrook

Millbrook’s unique selection of test tracks, terrains and obstacles are ideally placed for testing military vehicle dynamics and performance. All test tracks are located within close proximity of each other at its UK proving ground.

Military vehicle testing on the off-road tracks wading pond at DVD at Millbrook Proving Ground

Vehicle Capability Testing

Vehicle capability is defined as the absolute maximum off-road performance a vehicle is capable of, including sustaining superficial damage, if required. For this part of the trial, it was key for Millbrook to use one of its highly experienced, expert off-road drivers, specifically trained for this type of test.

Vehicle Mobility Testing

Once the required tracks and surfaces were determined via a capability trial, the mobility trial took place. Millbrook's highly experienced off-road drivers benchmarked vehicles over each track surface and assessed vehicle performance in terms of comfort, steering effort, gearing and engine power, and drive settings.

Mobility assesses a vehicle’s ability to traverse the same unique mix of terrain and obstacles within the vehicle’s performance envelope. This enables the vehicle to tackle the different surfaces multiple times.

Vehicle Stability Testing

A vehicle stability test is a key component of mobility and considers a vehicle’s static or dynamic lateral balance. This enables the vehicle to continue to make progress on steep or sloped facilities without rolling over.

Military vehicle testing at Millbrook

During the capability, mobility and stability testing, the following tracks and surfaces at Millbrook Proving Ground were used:

  • High Speed Circuit
  • Handling Circuit
  • Hill Route
  • Split Friction Rollers
  • Rough Track
  • Concrete Ditches
  • Log Roll
  • 25° Side Slope
  • Sand Hills
  • 60% Concrete Incline
  • Off-set Sinusoidals
  • Sand Pit
  • Brick Pits
  • Intermediate Twist Ditches
  • Medium Articulation Gauges
  • 500mm Step Climb at 45°
  • Severe Vehicle Twist
  • Mortar Holes

Once the military vehicle dynamics and performance had been assessed, the customer was provided with a full Millbrook report, which they could then use to evaluate their vehicle.