Vehicle Environmental Testing

At a glance

Millbrook conducts a range of humidity and temperature tests to ensure vehicles, systems and components meet legislative requirements, industry standards and customer guidelines.

Car in a climatic chamber at Millbrook undergoing vehicle environmental testing
Vehicle environmental testing in a large climatic chamber at Millbrook Proving Ground

The climatic chambers allow Millbrook to test systems performance in the most extreme conditions to assess the functionality and robustness of customers’ products.

Large climatic chamber military vehicle environmental testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

Climatic Chambers

Millbrook’s climatic chambers ensure reliability and functionality of vehicles and components through accelerated ageing, diurnal cycling and steady-state conditioning.

Millbrook’s environmental test laboratories perform steady state and cyclic temperature and humidity testing in accordance with a variety of procedures including BS EN 60068-2 and DEF STAN 00-35.

Cyclic temperature testing of early production vehicles allows customers to determine their performance across the full range of markets that vehicles will deployed within. Millbrook’s vehicle environmental test chambers record various data such as test part temperature, panel gaps and subsystem operating efforts.

Millbrook’s climatic chambers are located next to its test tracks. This means that conditioned vehicles can be taken straight onto test tracks to determine effects of temperature on dynamic performance.

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Humidity Testing

Testing at elevated humidity levels tests a products resistance to water ingress and corrosion and measures its mechanical integrity. Humidity testing of electrically controlled mechanical systems allows for a complete system check. This measures whether mechanical components can withstand the corrosive effects of the humid environment. It also tests if moving elements of the mechanical system suffer from water ingress and if the electrical control system suffers from a moisture-induced short circuit.

Humidity and temperature testing can be combined with infra-red solar loading, actuation and cycling of subsystems and components. Millbrook’s engineers assist customers in selecting and defining appropriate temperature and humidity tests for their test items.

Winter Testing

For driven tests in a cold environment, Millbrook has a proving ground in Finland with all-year-round winter conditions.