Component Accelerated Corrosion Test

At a glance

Millbrook performs accelerated life environmental and corrosion tests to international standards such as ASTM B117 and ISO 9227 and UK military standards such as Def Stan 00-35.

Vehicle component key life test and corrosion test laboratory at Millbrook Proving Ground
ASTM B117 salt spray component corrosion testing laboratory at Millbrook

Component performance can be affected by the atmosphere and elements they operate within, both in terms of performance and appearance.

Vehicle component key life test and corrosion test laboratory at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook tested a customer’s fastener systems to provide confidence that their performance would not deteriorate within in-service environments. Component robustness was assessed through corrosion tests to ensure the fastener system met the requirements of military applications.

Corrosion Test Method

The fasteners could have been installed on a military vehicle to conduct a full scale durability test or multiple battlefield missions. Instead, Millbrook designed an accelerated life test sequence, based on military procedures outlined in Def Stan 00-35 and Mil Stan 810F, that would simulate these conditions. This included corrosion tests and salt spray/fog tests to ASTM B117 using a salt spray corrosion chamber. This accelerated life testing determined whether the fasteners would meet military requirements, while reducing the lead time and costs for the customer.

For the corrosion test, samples were cleaned using deionized water and placed in a fixture with corrosion tags attached. The corrosion test was conducted to the requirements of Def Stan 00-35 Part 3 Chapter 4-02 CN2. A second corrosion test was conducted to Mil-Std-810F Method 509.4. Throughout both test procedures the samples were regularly inspected and their condition recorded. Upon test completion, samples were washed down and inspected before being prepared for further environmental tests, including humidity tests and multi-axis vibration tests.