Track Hire

At a glance

Private track hire is available at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK and Test World in Finland for a variety of applications. The sites are secure, well-connected and offer a range of support services and facilities.

Winter tyre testing facility at Test World in Ivalo, Finland
Vehicles on the High Speed Circuit bowl at Millbrook Proving Ground during Cenex-LCV event
Private track hire UK at Millbrook's test track

Track Hire in the UK

The test tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground are some of the finest available commercially anywhere in the world.

Millbrook has the impressive infrastructure to support customers with their track testing by offering the following additional services:

Test Tracks at Millbrook Proving GroundTest Tracks at Millbrook Proving GroundTest Tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground

Triumph makes use of Millbrook’s off-road test tracks in the UK for cross country testing of its vehicles.

When on site, Triumph is provided with a base at Millbrook’s fuel station for storage and refueling. The adjacent car wash and jet wash facilities are used to clean the vehicles after using the off-road tracks. While mainly using Millbrook’s off-road facilities, Triumph also makes use of some of the other test tracks that are available for hire, including the Belgian Pavé and the Mile Straight. Additional support services include access to workshops for changing tyres during testing, and using the canteen for breakfast and lunch.

We find the facilities and staff very helpful at Millbrook. Other test sites don’t have an off-road course that accommodates our projects as well as Millbrook’s does.Matt Billington at Triumph

Triumph chooses to test at Millbrook because its proving ground has a wider selection of off-road test tracks than anywhere else in the UK. It’s also in a convenient, central location near the M1, making test programs much more efficient. All of this is bolstered by a supportive and helpful network of staff and facilities available on-site.

Aerial view of Test World proving ground and winter tyre test facility

Track Hire in Finland

Millbrook’s winter test facility, Test World, is based in Northern Finland and specializes in vehicle and tire testing in winter conditions. It has extensive snow and ice tracks and the world’s first indoor winter test facilities.

Customers can make use of Test World’s two proving grounds during the winter months. Mellatracks Proving Ground offers 80km of outdoor tracks. Each visiting team is provided with its own garage and set of handling tracks, therefore maximizing test efficiency and confidentiality.

The Airport Proving Ground is conveniently located at Ivalo Airport, with over 20km of undulating land-based tracks.

Winter DrivingWinter DrivingWinter Driving

For our objective snow testing it is necessary to have constant weather and temperature conditions. This is provided at Test World’s indoor facility. Also the indoor handling track is very useful, it allows parallel tests, objective and subjective. The skilled maintenance personnel take care that the track surface has always constant preparation conditions. The complete support is very customer-oriented. But the main thing is, that it's possible to test on snow during the whole year, even in the summer time. This allows a fast winter tire development. Alexander Schlemmer, Apollo Tyres