Test Tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground

At a glance

Millbrook Proving Ground is home to an iconic car test track in the UK, offering private track hire, event venues, and its own 5G network. First opened in 1970, the test tracks are still used for traditional vehicle testing, as well as simulated testing in a 1mm surface accuracy digital twin.

McLaren on Millbrook's High Speed Circuit using 5G network for live data streaming
Aerial of Millbrook Proving Ground test track in the UK

Millbrook is best known for its test tracks where it performs repeatable tests in a safe and secure environment. Custom-built to simulate the world’s toughest terrains, they provide an invaluable test, development and location resource at a single, secure and well supported site.

Millbrook's test tracks are available for hire by the hour (subject to training and track permit), for running test schedules using Millbrook's own teams of drivers and engineers, and for filming opportunities.

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Truck on the Hill Route (aka the alpine circuit) at Millbrook Proving Ground

On-Road UK Test Tracks

The on-road tracks and features make up the majority of Millbrook Proving Ground, with more than 50km of varied surfaces and a range of technical features.

These UK test tracks include:

  • Hill Route (aka alpine test track / circuit) – 6.5km of hilly roads with gradients from 6.5% to 26%.
  • High Speed Circuit (aka high speed bowl) – 5 lanes of neutral steer, allowing test speeds in excess of 150mph (240km/h)
  • City Course
  • Outer Handling Circuit
  • Steering Pad and Dynamics Pad
  • Mile Straight
  • Noise generating surfaces for NVH evaluation and an ISO 10844:2014 compliant facility for pass-by noise measurements of vehicles (maximum and minimum noise) and tyres
  • Belgian Pavé

Millbrook Track Control assistance is available 24 hours a day.

One of the best independent vehicle test and validation facilities in Europe. Revo

Real-time data acquisition for vehicle testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

The 5G network at Millbrook Proving Ground is used for real-time data acquisition and transfer

Millbrook Virtual Proving Ground - test track simulation of Hill Route, also known as the Alpine Circuit

Millbrook Proving Ground has a 1mm surface accuracy digital twin, used for driver training, vehicle development, and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation

Vehicle road load data analysis acquisition on the Belgian Pave at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook's Belgian Pavé test track was built using 3,500 tonnes of granite blocks. It enables fast evaluation of NVH, durability and vehicle structures

RDW type approval testing for buses on Hill Route at Millbrook Proving Ground

The Hill Route is also known as the alpine circuit. It features the highest point at Millbrook Proving Ground

Aerial shot of City Course at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook's City Course is used for city driving emulation in a low-speed environment

Corporate driving days venue for track days and experiences at Millbrook Proving Ground

There are four venues at Millbrook Proving Ground, all with direct access to the test tracks

Workshops to rent at Millbrook Technology Park

Millbrook supplies its customers with buildings, office spaces and workshops to rent

Corporate driver skid car training, road safety courses and automotive industry jobs at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook Proving Ground is the ideal location for driver training courses

Motorcycle brake and acceleration testing on Millbrook's Mile Straight test track

Millbrook's on-road test tracks are suitable for a range of motorcycle tests

Military vehicle testing on the off-road tracks wading pond at DVD at Millbrook Proving Ground

Off-Road UK Test Tracks

Set in 100 acres of hilly countryside, the Millbrook off-road test tracks provide a comprehensive range of terrains for every type of vehicle from soft-roaders to full high-mobility military-specification vehicles.

These test tracks include:

  • Off-road and severe off-road circuits
  • One in one - 45º concrete slope
  • Gravel hills with up to 35º gradient
  • Sand hills with up to 34º gradient
  • Gravel road simulating North American unpaved surfaces
  • 60% gradient slopes
  • 25º traverse
  • Wading pond and trough
  • Axle bumps
  • Severe vehicle twists
  • Concrete ditches and kerbs
  • Log roll
  • Offset sinusoidals

We find the facilities and staff very helpful at Millbrook. Other test sites don’t have an off-road course that accommodates our projects as well as Millbrook’s does.Matt Billington at Triumph

Off-road driving vehicle crash sensor immunity test at Millbrook Proving Ground

The off-road test tracks offer a unique facility for the evaluation of powertrains, transmissions, dynamics, braking and active systems

Motorcyle being tested on Millbrook's off-road test tracks

Millbrook's off-road test tracks provide motorcycle manufacturers with a secure test location

MAD 5K Challenge at Millbrook Proving Ground in 2019 - Help for Heroes charity run

The MAD 5K Challenge is a run raising money for Help for Heroes. It takes place at Millbrook Proving Ground – across the Hill Route and the Off-Road test tracks

Defence and military vehicle testing on the off-road test tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground

Every other year, Millbrook hosts DVD - a military exhibition attended by professionals from across the defence acquisition and support sectors, and military and industry stakeholders