R100 and UN38.3 Battery Safety and Abuse Testing

At a glance

Millbrook conducts battery safety testing to UN38.3, GB/T 31485 and ECE R100. It can also conduct most other types of battery safety and abuse testing. Millbrook’s outdoor battery abuse testing area has been specifically set up to accommodate destructive battery testing with sufficient safety measures.

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Battery abuse testing in the battery safety testing lab at Millbrook
Automotive UN 38.3 and R100 battery shock test using a sled facility at Millbrook

Millbrook can assess the performance of battery cells, modules and packs. It delivers safe battery validation and verification testing and has a thorough understanding of battery and safety standards.

Battery abuse testing at Millbrook

UN38.3 and ECE R100 Battery Safety and Abuse Testing

Millbrook offers the full suite of UN38.3 and ECE R100 battery tests.

Millbrook can test most battery chemistries, even at prototype level. Battery safety and abuse testing capabilities for cells, modules and packs include:

  • Battery drop tests
  • Battery corrosion tests
  • Battery nail penetration tests
  • Immersion tests
  • Fire resistance tests
  • Over-discharge tests
  • Over-charge tests
  • Over-temperature tests
  • Short circuit tests
  • Thermal propagation tests
  • Thermal shock and cycling tests
  • Battery mechanical crush, impact and shock tests
  • Altitude tests
  • Vibration tests

Customers are provided with test reports at the end of testing and are given daily updates on progress, which can include the previous day’s logged data. Post-test battery strip and inspection can also be conducted if required. Millbrook can also manage battery disposal and transportation through an approved third party.

In addition to these battery safety and abuse tests, Millbrook performs hybrid and EV battery life and performance tests on cells, modules and full automotive battery packs.

Battery Abuse Testing Technical Service

For ECE R100 battery testing, Millbrook is a category “A” Technical Service for the RDW (the Dutch automotive authority). In this capacity, it performs and witnesses tests on behalf of the RDW. Approvals via another authority can be easily accommodated, for example the VCA have a permanent office at Millbrook in the UK.