Battery Pack Performance and Life Testing

At a glance

Millbrook conducts hybrid and electric vehicle battery life and performance testing within the climatic test chambers at its Battery Test Facility.

Battery performance test facility opening at Millbrook Proving Ground
Battery performance test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground view from the air
Battery testing expert showing an electric vehicle (EV) battery pack testing laboratory chamber at Millbrook Proving Ground to a group of people

Battery Life and Performance Testing

Millbrook tests to standards including ISO 12405 and GB/T 31484-2015. Millbrook conducts many tests to customer-specific standards.

Extensive battery safety systems are in place to minimize risks. The chambers within the Battery Test Facility are designed to contain a EUCAR hazard level 6 event and ensure safety during a hazard level 7 event.

Battery Test Facility

Millbrook’s Battery Test Facility consists of 12 EV battery cycling climatic chambers and supporting infrastructure. Its battery test chambers can cycle complete automotive battery packs with a usable volume of 23.1m3. They test up to 1,100V, 2800A and up to 1,000kW continuous (1,200 kW peak). The chambers can simulate rapid temperature changes between -40°C and +90°C and humidity is controllable between 10% and 95%. Millbrook’s electric vehicle Battery Test Facility is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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REPS software displayed in better test facility control room at Millbrook

Automation Software

Tests are controlled using Millbrook’s REPS automation software, which allows battery tests to be configured to customer requirements. The software also has extensive logging capabilities and almost unlimited storage for recording data whilst testing the life and performance of the battery. As well as running the test chambers, REPS can control the coolant flow and temperature for liquid cooled battery packs.

Customers are provided with test reports at the end of testing and are given daily updates on progress, which can include the previous day’s logged data.

Millbrook can also manage battery disposal and transportation through an approved third party.