Battery Cell and Module Performance and Life Testing

At a glance

Millbrook has a flexible facility for testing EV battery cells and modules.

Battery endurance test facility for battery life testing at Millbrook
Battery durability testing chambers at Millbrook

Most testing is performed on Lithium-ion chemistries, but testing can be safely conducted on almost all chemistries within Millbrook’s battery test laboratories.

Electric vehicle (EV) battery endurance testing laboratory for battery simulation and life cycling at Millbrook

Battery Cell Testing

For performance and life testing of battery cells, most test channels are rated at 5V/250A. However, these can be run in parallel for higher currents, for example two channels running in parallel allows testing at 5V/500A. Battery cell testing is conducted to a number of standards including IEC 62660 and QC/T 743.

Battery Module Testing

Millbrook tests the performance and life of battery modules in line with a range of standards including ISO 12405 and QC/T 743.

Module and small pack testing is supported by test channels of:

  • 100V/500A/50kW (can be paralleled for higher currents/powers)
  • 400V/600A/192kW
  • 800V/300A/192kW
  • 1200V/200A/192kW

Millbrook also performs EV battery life and performance tests on full packs.

Safety systems are in place to minimize risks during battery testing. Millbrook offers a wide range of battery abuse tests for cells, modules and full EV battery packs.

Customers are provided with test reports at the end of testing and are given daily updates on progress, which can include the previous day’s logged data.