Fuel and Lubricant Testing

Millbrook independently tests fuels, additives, lubricants and fluids for electric vehicles.

Customers include petrochemical companies, vehicle fleet operators and passenger car, bus, truck and off-highway vehicle manufacturers.

Fuel testing engineer in Millbrook's fuels and lubricating oil testing laboratories

Lubricant and Fuel Tests

Millbrook’s lubricant and fuel testing services in the UK include:

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Bus emissions test engineer working in the VTEC chassis dynamometer at Millbrook Proving Ground

Heavy Duty Vehicle and Fleet Fuel Testing

Millbrook has facilities to test fuels for heavy-duty vehicles in a controlled and secure environment. Test laboratories include a Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber, chassis dynamometers and engine test cells.

Automotive engine, CEC and fuel additive test facility at Millbrook

Fuel and Lubricant Storage, Transportation and Handling

Millbrook provides secure on-site fuel storage for small blends (barrels and IBCs) and large volume batch storage, from 5,000L above ground to 18,000L underground storage tanks.

Millbrook also has the capability to blend fuel with additives under laboratory conditions on-site.

Millbrook can manage the logistics of importing fuel in barrels, IBCs, and tankers from international destinations and the UK. Security in relation to the intellectual property of new formulations is given a high priority. Facilities are rigorously maintained to ensure no contamination takes place.

Millbrook offers engine strip-down, rate and rebuild services which meet strict OEM standards.