Engine Durability Testing

At a glance

Millbrook’s engine dynamometer test cells in the UK provide durability, hardware validation and cost reduction testing.

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Automotive engine test facility at Millbrook
Automotive engine test facility engineer at Millbrook Proving Ground

The highly efficient facilities operate 24 hours a day, delivering data to customers as early as possible during their product development programs.

Automotive engine test facility test bed at Millbrook

At Millbrook’s UK test sites in Bedford and Leyland, a wide range of light and heavy-duty engine tests are offered. They range from sub-zero thermal shock and high elevation temperatures, through to endurance tests that can accelerate an engine’s 150,000km useful life into only a few months.

Millbrook works with vehicle manufacturers, engine component suppliers and specialist consultancies ensuring confidentiality and security at all times.

Engine dynamometer test cell capabilities include:

  • Cold climatic air and fluid capability, down to -40°C
  • Accurate temperature and humidity control of combustion air
  • Large test cells for full exhaust system tests
  • Cold start characterization with cold box technology to -30°C
  • 48V power supplies for MHEV applications
  • Bulk and barreled fuel delivery options including bio-fuels, LPG and E100
  • Complementary services including NVH, machining, instrumentation and metrology
  • Component strip and rate with high resolution photography for inspection