Automotive engine test facility at Millbrook

Engine Testing

Millbrook’s engine test facilities in the UK cover a range of capabilities, with latest cell automation software and hardware and up to 2.1MW engine dynamometers.

It performs automotive engine testing to support anything from single cylinder research to full engine development and validation.

Automotive engine test facility test bed at Millbrook

Engine dynamometer capabilities include:

  • Cold climatic air and fluid capability, down to -40°C
  • Accurate temperature and humidity control of combustion air
  • Large test cells with full exhaust system test capability
  • Road Load Simulation
  • Vehicle model simulation on engine test bed (engine-in-the-loop)
  • Full DoE capability with real time controllers and online optimisation
  • Gasoline engine calibration support
  • Full CVS bag emissions system test bed with filter PM and dual-stream raw emissions
  • DMS500, Fast HC, CO, NOx, CO2
  • Cold start characterisation with cold box technology to -30°C
  • Particulate measurement determination includes APC, MSS, smoke and opacity
  • Extensive emissions measurement capability
  • Latest combustion and pressure measurement systems
  • ECU interrogation using Etas INCA and ATI vision software
  • 48V power supplies for MHEV applications
  • Bulk and barrelled fuel delivery options to cell, including bio fuels, LPG and E100

Complementary services include NVH, machining, instrumentation and metrology. Millbrook also offers component strip and rate services with high resolution photography for inspection.