Electric Drive Unit ISO 16750 Testing

At a glance

Millbrook performs ISO 16750 environmental testing on electrified vehicle drivetrain systems and components.

Driveline durability, wear and life test rigs also used for ISO 16750 electric drive unit testing and providing electric motor dynamometer testing services at Millbrook
High and low voltage electric powertrain systems development testing at Millbrook

A self-driving vehicle developer approached Millbrook to assist with providing design verification plan test capabilities against a large volume of test samples.

Electric powertrain systems dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK used to provide electric motor dynamometer testing services

ISO 16750 Test Program

Millbrook’s expert test engineers and technicians project-managed a large-scale ISO 16750 test program.

The team performed:

  • Environmental testing of electric drives under full load and power. Rotating wheel outputs were connected to the test rig while an enclosure around the part under test provided localized environmental conditioning (-40oC to +120oC and humidity control up to 95%)
  • Dust and water ingress testing
  • Back-to-back durability testing under environmental load, subjecting power electronics and electrical machine to different environmental conditions
  • Mechanical testing, including shock and vibration testing of drive systems

In addition to ISO 16750, Millbrook performed low-volt system testing to LV124 and provided strip and rate facilities for component teardown and analysis.