Electric Drive Unit Conformity of Production

At a glance

Millbrook performs Electric Drive Unit (EDU) performance tests on production-level components against UN/ECE Regulation 85 (ECE R85), GBT18488 and in-house standards.

High and low voltage electric powertrain systems development testing at Millbrook
Electric powertrain systems dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK used to provide electric motor dynamometer testing services

A manufacturer of high-performance vehicles needed to test a series of EDU systems to validate their Conformity of Production (CoP) processes and ensure that their products matched performance requirements.

Driveline durability, wear and life test rigs also used for ISO 16750 electric drive unit testing and providing electric motor dynamometer testing services at Millbrook

Millbrook urgently tested production-level parts for two vehicle platforms to ensure that the regulatory authorities received relevant documentation for continued production. The customer partnered with Millbrook as an extension of their internal test facilities, outsourcing the CoP sign-off program and relieving pressure on their in-house team.

ECE R85 and GBT18488

Millbrook tested the customer’s hybrid and battery electric vehicle drivetrain solutions to internal and international standards, including ECE R85 and GBT18488, to validate product performance.

The expert test team carried out environmental performance tests to extremes of temperature and humidity, mechanical tests and visual inspections of the test item, as well as undertaking witnessed ECE R85 power measurements.