Electric Bus Rig Testing

At a glance

Millbrook was part of a consortium led by Equipmake working on the Cost Effective Electric Bus (CELEB) project funded by Innovate UK.

EV battery pack testing - CELEB project
Bus on a ride simulator test rig structural test laboratory at Millbrook

The project covered the early phase development of a new prototype vehicle with electric powertrain and lithium ion energy storage. One element of the project was to understand if the battery mount systems would be able to withstand the typical road load inputs the vehicle would be subjected to – particularly due to the heavy mass of the battery system.  Another element was to check the dynamic response of the vehicle and its EV components.

The battery system was mounted on the Multi-Axis Shake Table (MAST) at the Millbrook Leyland facility in the UK. A simulated battery mass was used for the testing instead of a powered battery.

An appropriate and representative set of measured road load data was used and iterated on MAST until good replication of in-service vibration input was achieved.

The battery system was subjected to a life cycle of road load damage with periodic monitoring and crack detection of the battery casing and mounting system

In parallel, the vehicle was installed on Millbrook’s 4-poster ride simulator rig to allow an operational deflection shape analysis to be carried out.

The testing led to the identification of the vehicle’s main structural resonances and the corresponding mode shapes.  The analysis also focused on the dynamic response of the battery packs and the electric powertrain components.