Durability and Reliability of Electric Drivelines

At a glance

A performance vehicle manufacturer approached Millbrook to test an Electric Drive Unit (EDU) gear set for durability and reliability.

Electric powertrain systems and driveline dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK
Facility for dynamometer testing of electric motors on a test bench at Millbrook in Leyland
Driveline durability, wear and life test rigs also used for ISO 16750 electric drive unit testing and providing electric motor dynamometer testing services at Millbrook

Millbrook performed key life testing on gear set components of an EDU without an electric machine present inside the electric drive.

A high-speed emulation of the input motor allowed the full gear set to be driven by Millbrook’s driveline test rig.

The facility provided very high output torque to induce accelerated gear set damage. Expert test engineers took accurate torque measurements throughout the test to determine total damage caused by the test cycle.

As part of the program, Millbrook provided strip and rate facilities for component teardown and analysis.