Powertrain Integration Testing

At a glance

Millbrook’s powertrain rigs in the UK and the USA  can be used for integration testing of complete vehicles and laid-out powertrains. They help Millbrook’s customers significantly reduce vehicle development times by streamlining powertrain integration and simulation.

Testing McLaren 720S on a 4WD Powertrain Test System and powertrain integration testing facility at Millbrook Proving Ground
Vehicle on the 4WD Powertrain Test System and powertrain vibration and integration testing facility at Millbrook Proving Ground

In the UK, Millbrook’s 4WD Powertrain Rig enables manufacturers to exercise vehicle systems, network interactions and decision making through a full trip sequence (key-on, start, idle, drive away and stop), ahead of the full vehicle or all hardware being available.

Drivetrain and driveline testing facility using a 4WD powertrain rig at Millbrook

Where hardware is not yet available, it is possible to use simulation techniques to allow them to exist virtually alongside existing parts of the vehicle during testing.

These types of testing techniques ensure that system behaviors are validated prior to powertrain and vehicle design freezes. It reduces overall vehicle program costs by providing a platform to develop control strategies earlier, reducing the demand for prototype vehicle availability and decreasing whole-vehicle development times.

Typical Applications:

  • Engine, transmission and driveline system integration, with or without the rest of the vehicle
  • Hybrid, e-machine, BISG and e-axle development, integration and optimization
  • Testing of e-powertrains with a virtual vehicle battery using a battery simulator
  • Functional safety and fault reaction testing

See 4WD Powertrain Rig specification