Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers

Driveline Testing

Millbrook tests drivelines, drivetrains and their components for functionality, performance, efficiency and durability/endurance. Its driveline test laboratories are located in the UK and the US and Millbrook also manufactures and installs dynamometer test systems.

Millbrook tests drivelines and powertrains as subassemblies, whole assemblies, or as part of the vehicle (Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL)). The driveline can be tested with an engine and/or electric motor, including battery simulation.

Drivetrain and driveline testing facility using a 4WD powertrain rig at Millbrook

Testing the driveline as part of a vehicle is done using 4WD driveline test bench configurations and on the test track, which covers Real Driving emissions (RDE) and PEMS testing. Millbrook uses road load simulation and vehicle simulation on its purpose-built 2E and 4E powertrain test rigs.

Typical driveline test applications include:

  • Efficiency measurement
  • Lubrication studies - pitch and roll
  • Speed and torque characterisation
  • Temperature surveys
  • Durability running to fixed cycle, block programme or road load data
  • UN/ECE Reg. 85
  • ISO 16750 environmental tests
  • T-configuration for axle testing
  • Witness testing and certification
  • Vibration testing
  • 2E for high-speed EDU testing