Real-Time Vehicle Data Acquisition and Reporting

At a glance

Millbrook offers full connectivity for test vehicles. Test data can be securely viewed and streamed in real time anywhere in the world. Automated recording, processing and reporting offer maximum efficiency for vehicle development.

McLaren on Millbrook's High Speed Circuit using 5G network for live data streaming
Real-time data acquisition for vehicle testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK has its own hyper-dense 4G LTE and 5G network, which is used to provide connectivity to test vehicles anywhere on the 70km of test tracks.

Real-time data acquisition for vehicle testing at Millbrook Proving Ground

The 89 base stations and 59 masts provide seamless handover as vehicles travel around the proving ground, guaranteeing a continuous, high-bandwidth connection, even with multiple users.

Road load data acquisition and recording, processing and reporting can be automated for maximum efficiency. Confidential test data can also be securely streamed in real time and viewed anywhere in the world, giving Millbrook’s customers ultimate control and visibility of the test process.

Mileage Accumulation for Lubricant Testing

An engine lubricant manufacturer wanted to assess the effects of a new product on a range of engines. Popular vehicle models with a range of engine technologies were sourced and driven on Millbrook’s tracks to “Public Road Simulation” test modules.

A wide range of parameters (approx. 50 per vehicle) were recorded from the vehicle CANBUS and live streamed via Millbrook’s private 5G network and data server.

Road load data analysis and acquisition as part of Millbrook's vehicle measurement test service

Accurate Test Data Recording

Discreet data loggers with real-time streaming capability were fitted to test vehicles. Automated triggers were set up to pinpoint the location of significant events in data files, avoiding the time consuming task of recreating intermittent faults. Data was then automatically processed by Millbrook’s nCode automation server, allowing reports to be generated within seconds of the vehicles being switched off.

Remote Data Access

Test data was streamed to Millbrook’s servers via the 5G network. This meant the test engineer was able to view and control the test remotely, checking data throughout the test. The customer was also able to access data securely in real-time, so they could view the test live from several remote offices.

Automated Reporting

Instant alerts for events such as temperature thresholds being exceeded, daily test reports and a cumulative report were all sent to the customer automatically. The automated data recording, processing, and reporting allowed data to be delivered to the customer in much shorter timescales than they expected. The investigation of issues was efficient as the test data had already been recorded.