Autonomous Village

The video explores Millbrook's Autonomous Village and 5G test bed, built to support autonomous car testing.

The Autonomous Village comprises six purpose-built workshops constructed to support mechanical, integration and software development for self-driving vehicles, from passenger cars to buses.

5G is the next transformational technology that will provide the underlying wireless infrastructure to cope with relentless rise in data consumption and support many new applications. This includes everything from connected cars and virtual and augmented reality through to the foundations for emerging smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

It has been designed to have significantly lower latency, meaning very little lag, or buffering that could enable mobile applications that simply aren’t possible today including tasks that demand quick responses.

Having filmed at Millbrook’s winter testing facility in Ivalo, Finland earlier in the year we knew that the technology used for their Autonomous Village was going to be at the forefront of both 5G’s current capabilities as well as road safety testing systems. Seeing the facility first hand and getting an understanding of all the technical hurdles that the team there had overcome really brought home why facilities like Millbrook are essential in transport and infrastructure development.Mark Reynard from The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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