Remote Driveline Testing Increases Test Efficiency and Maximises Customer Safety

Facility for dynamometer testing of electric motors on a test bench at Millbrook in Leyland
  • Real-time remote technology, automation software and additional instrumentation enable more efficient test processes
  • Engineering teams adapt quickly to maximise safety and keep long-term programmes on track

Millbrook has increased the efficiency of its driveline and electric motor dynamometer testing services in the USA due to proactive preparation for lockdown and consistent customer communications.

Its engineering team adapted quickly to ensure that customers continued to receive test data as it was generated. The team changed the set-up of Millbrook’s electric motor test stands so that long-term tests could be run remotely. This meant that testing could continue for as long as possible without any engineers needing to attend the site.

As Millbrook’s testing facility in California went into lockdown first, the team moved quickly to prepare for restrictions in Detroit. Millbrook’s engineers set up additional camera systems, temperature sensors and extra instrumentation to measure pressure and torque throughout its test buildings. This increased remote visibility for off-site engineers, improved employee safety and enabled the smooth running of tests.

Engineers are now running and monitoring electric motor dynamometer testing services remotely, 24/7, using Millbrook’s automation software, REPS. For each test, one engineer is running the test through REPS and another engineer is monitoring the electric motor test stand via video link.

Remote working and simplified set up means that we can get more electric powertrain tests done in a day now. More of our engineers are available to review data at home, so our customers are receiving data more quickly. I am so proud of how quickly the team has reacted and how flexible everyone has been. Dustin Harrison, Director of Testing Operations – Millbrook USA

Millbrook’s electric motor testing can require constant parameter changes, so it can be more efficient for customers to make these changes themselves. To enable this, Millbrook provided customers with REPS training programmes and computer access, subject to strict security procedures.

Running dynamometer testing of electric motors remotely has also resulted in customers receiving data more quickly as Millbrook concentrates its efforts on its test services business.

As lockdown restrictions ease, customers can visit our sites as appropriate safety procedures are in place to accommodate this. However many customers now do not feel like they have to come on-site because our new process, enabled by remote working, is more efficient. Michael Czubaj, Sales Director – Millbrook USA