O2 Smart Ambulance Trial at Millbrook’s 5G Testbed

Millbrook 5G Network Smart Ambulance O2 Samsung Visionable Launchcloud

Millbrook recently collaborated on a project which was created with the aim of helping to revolutionise patient treatment and reduce hospital numbers.

The project involved equipping a standard ambulance with state-of-the-art devices and connectivity to create a “Smart Ambulance” that simulated 5G connectivity, transforming the vehicle into a unique remote consultation room.

“Using the Autoair testbed, this is just one of the many use cases that demonstrate the utility of Millbrook’s private networks to customers who wish to test the connectivity of the future. Smart Ambulance is one that has the potential to make a real difference.” Peter Stoker, Chief Engineer – Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

The project team included Millbrook, O2, Samsung, Visionable and LaunchCloud. Millbrook's role was to provide access to its secure, private network, tracks and facilities to safely test the connectivity within smart ambulances.