Expanding Electric Machine and Driveline Test Capability with New UK Facilities

Facility for dynamometer testing of electric motors on a test bench at Millbrook in Leyland
  • Two new electric driveline test rigs have been installed at Millbrook’s site in Leyland, UK
  • Installation builds on the opening of Millbrook’s California-based electric vehicle driveline test facility and the expansion of its test facilities in Michigan, USA
  • The new test rigs are Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Global Dyno systems and can be configured to suit a range of applications including EDU, e-axle and input electric motor testing, in addition to more conventional transaxle tests

Millbrook has announced the completion of two electric driveline test rigs in Leyland, UK. These can be configured to undertake e-axle, EDU and high-speed input e-motor testing, as well as conventional transmission, axle and transaxle testing. The new facility builds on Millbrook’s expertise in designing, building, installing and operating similar facilities at its sites in the USA and for its customers globally.

Each of the test rigs contains two AC wheel end dynamometers, an input dynamometer and a battery emulator. Two 20,000rpm high speed AC input dynamometers will arrive in the coming months.

The facility features HBM e-drive power analysers, fluid conditioning equipment and Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) – Millbrook’s flexible integrated controls, data acquisition and test automation platform. Using this equipment and platform, engineers can conduct thermal studies of cooling fluids, casings and inverters; performance characterisation; efficiency studies of drivelines and motors; durability programmes; and motor burst testing.

“We are very pleased to have commissioned our latest electric driveline test rigs at Leyland in the UK. The new facility offers ample room for custom set-ups of the equipment and will handle a range of electrified systems tests. Our teams in the UK and the USA have worked together to make this facility a reality and it perfectly suits our customers’ needs.” Alex Burns, President of Millbrook

Millbrook offers a wide range of EV driveline test solutions in the USA, UK and Northern Finland. These include varied outdoor and indoor test tracks, electric motor dynamometer testing services and battery test laboratories. In addition, Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering designs, builds, installs, and services dynamometer test systems across the continents, with presence in the USA, Europe and Asia.


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