New Laboratory Accreditation

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering automotive test system

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering has completed the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation process, with Accreditation Number 99125. This means that Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering is fully compliant with the general requirements for the competence of test laboratories in its US-based operations.

To secure this accreditation demonstrates Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s commitment to safety, customer service and technical excellence. The company embraces customer feedback and works to the highest standard with experienced and knowledgeable employees.

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering is headquartered in the US with operations in Germany and China. It was acquired by Millbrook earlier in 2018, and continues to specialize in propulsion and driveline test services and systems. It deploys the best technical specialists and project managers in the business to offer test services and equipment to customers in the automotive, transport and petrochemical industries.

In line with the Millbrook’s wider ambitions for propulsion systems testing, Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering offers test solutions for all elements of conventional and electrified propulsion systems and its test cell automation software is being installed to control Millbrook’s automotive battery pack test chambers in the UK. Millbrook’s expansion into the United States provides customers with the benefit of different locations for propulsion testing worldwide.

The confirmation of this compliance is key to our growth as the leading specialists in propulsion and driveline test solutions. We are highly regarded for our commitment to safety, customer service and technical excellence. With our global presence, Millbrook is a one-stop shop for the development of electric vehicles and propulsion systems. This is something that we are very proud of and want to continue contributing towards.Allen White, President of Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering

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