Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM

At a glance

Millbrook has hosted Cenex-LCV (Low Carbon Vehicle event) for a number of years, and in 2019 began hosting the co-located Cenex-Connected Automated Mobility event (Cenex-CAM)

Millbrook Proving Ground Steering Pad For Corporate Events
Conference venues for corporate driving experience events at Millbrook Proving Ground
Cenex-LCV Event in Concept 2 corporate event venue at Millbrook

Conference Venue

Over 4,500 delegates visit Millbrook during these events. Over 250 exhibitors fill Millbrook’s Concept conference venues and several utilise the steering pad to display vehicles outdoors. Attendees have the opportunity to experience Millbrook’s test facilities first hand throughout Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM.

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Both events will be held on 22–23 September 2021 at Millbrook.

We are looking forward to being back at Millbrook next year. With governments across the globe pushing forward Net Zero agendas and the banning of new fossil fuel vehicles, now is the time to help speed up the development and rollout of zero emission connected and automated vehicles. The LCV and CAM events provide fantastic platforms to showcase new and cutting-edge technologies, and debate challenges and opportunities for these ever-growing sectors. The emerging industry in the UK, served by these events, can play an important role in getting Britain back to business and supporting a green recovery, and we look forward to hosting them at Millbrook’s state of the art venue once again next year.Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex