Corporate Event Venues

First choice venues for corporate events

Millbrook’s unique corporate event venues offer unlimited possibilities to deliver safe, unforgettable events of a variety of sizes. Situated within a large, private proving ground near Milton Keynes and Bedford, the venues offer sufficient space to run COVID-secure events. With access to 70km of private test tracks, a number of different types of automotive events are possible. These include corporate driving days, product launches and training, with classroom sessions followed by driving experiences.

Millbrook’s five venues for corporate events in the UK each have their own character. Concept 1 and 2 are Millbrook’s large venues for corporate events such as conferences and exhibitions. Pod and Cubo offer a more intimate space, hidden amongst the tracks, making them ideal for driving experiences such as corporate driving days. Building 22 is Millbrook’s newest venue. It has a cool, industrial feel and is big enough to accommodate a double-decker bus! Find out more about each venue below.

In addition to Millbrook’s corporate event venues in the UK, Millbrook offers winter driving experiences at its winter proving grounds in Finland.

A socially distanced event in Millbrook's Concept 1 corporate event venue

Corporate Event Venue Hire - COVID-19

Situated in 700 acres of spacious countryside between Milton Keynes and Bedford, Millbrook’s corporate event venues provide the ideal location to operate socially distanced events during COVID-19. Millbrook is part of the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), meaning it has direct access to resources on providing safe events during COVID-19. Since July 2020, various safe and carefully managed events have successfully taken place at Millbrook Proving Ground.

In early September 2020, Millbrook hosted the SMMT Drive Zero event. The two-day event brought together consumers, politicians, government officials and media to test-drive 55 of the latest zero emission-capable models from 20 different car brands.

SMMT Drive Zero Event 2020 on Millbrook's Steering Pad

Millbrook's First Large Scale Socially Distanced Event

SMMT Drive Zero was originally scheduled for April, but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Millbrook’s events team worked seamlessly with the SMMT to devise a plan to host the event safely and efficiently. This involved complete adherence to the fast changing government guidelines to provide a COVID-secure environment, with careful management of groups of people both outdoors and indoors. As the first large scale event held in Millbrook’s corporate event venues since the pandemic began, it paved the way for what COVID-secure events will look like going forward. 

A range of mitigations were put in place, utilising the Industry All Secure Standard from the AEO, to ensure the safety of delegates and staff. A briefing was held with a 30-person limit, using fully 2m distanced seating in Millbrook’s iconic large venue for corporate events – Concept 1. The size of Concept 1 and the installed AV equipment helped achieve this. Millbrook can now offer similar events while coronavirus restrictions are still in place; including test drives, product launches, conferences and corporate driving days – all of which will comply by the government guidelines in force at the time of the event.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Millbrook, whose support and expertise enabled us to deliver this important event in a safe and compliant way. Their world-class facilities provided the perfect backdrop to promote the benefits of these exciting technologies to media and consumers to aid the transition to a zero-emission future. Anna Farnell, Senior Events Manager – SMMT

Driving venue steering pad at Millbrook Proving Ground hosting SMMT Test Day and Company Car in Action (CCIA)

Events at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook has a wealth of experience in providing venues for a variety of event types. It has small and large venues for corporate events of all sizes, from conferences with 1,000 delegates (or even 5,000 with the use of marquees on Millbrook’s Steering Pad), to small, intimate training sessions.

The nature of Millbrook Proving Ground lends itself to automotive events. These include corporate driving days, test drive events, automotive conferences and product launches, as well as automotive training and off-road driving experiences. Get in touch to find out more about other possibilities.

Millbrook made the process a seamless and pain-free experience. Richard Forsyth, Ignition

Catering team at Millbrook's Cubo corporate track day event venue

Making Corporate Event Venue Hire Simple

Corporate events can be stressful, especially while COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Millbrook strive to ensure every step of a customer’s event is an easy, seamless process. This is a big part of why many customers return to Millbrook Proving Ground to use the corporate event venues every year.

Millbrook’s events team provides customers with complete flexibility for event design, with each venue for hire on an exclusive basis. Millbrook can arrange a variety of extras, including catering and private vehicles and drivers for automotive events such as corporate driving days.

Confidentiality is always ensured at events at Millbrook due to the nature of the location. This means that corporate event venue hire for exclusive events is a smooth and discreet process.