Peter Stoker

Chief Engineer - Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Peter joined Millbrook in 2012 and is now Chief Engineer for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. He is a key liaison for the UK's first CAV testbed.

Driver using Millbrook's virtual proving ground simulator showing digital twin of the test tracks
Peter Stoker Presenting Zenzic Connected And Autonomous Vehicles
Portrait of Peter Stoker, Chief Engineer of Connectivity and Autonomy at Millbrook

Peter started in the automotive industry in 1983 in what was then the Austin Rover Group, after graduating from The University of Manchester in Polymer Physics. His first position was in Trim and Hardware development.

In 1987, he joined Webasto Roof Systems. After 5 years working at this tier 1 automotive supplier, he joined General Motors.

He was assigned to Japan for 3 years, on the launch of the Frontera and then he project managed the development of the AstraVan; for GME the first virtually developed vehicle derivative without prototypes.

He became head of Vehicle Engineering at Millbrook in 2012, and Chief Engineer for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in 2017. Peter led the successful bid for the Government’s controlled urban CAV testbed, which opened in September 2019. Millbrook hosts the Autoair DCMS 5G Transport testbed.

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