Kieran Forinton

Chief Engineer - Safety

Kieran joined Millbrook in 2000 as an Engineer in the safety department. He is now Millbrook's Chief Engineer for Safety testing.

Millbrook sled laboratory with selection of dummies to test rail interior crashworthiness
Portrait of Kieran Forinton, Chief Engineer of Safety at Millbrook



FIA ADR testing being conducted by Millbrook chief engineer in sled test facility

Kieran joined Millbrook as a Safety Engineer. He then moved to Senior Test Engineer, and then Principal Engineer for Millbrook’s Sled department. This facility performs reverse accelerating linear shock tests to simulate physical crash conditions.

Kieran took on the role of Chief Engineer for Safety in 2018. He is now responsible for all facility developments and the technical aspects of internal and external test programs within Millbrook’s sled, crash and safety system test facilities. He has managed the testing of all kinds of road, motorsport and military vehicles. He has also tested the safety of rail and aerospace seats, vehicle battery systems and numerous wheelchairs.

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