Darren Williams

Chief Engineer - Vehicle

Darren joined Millbrook in 1997 and has worked across Millbrook's vehicle and component testing teams.

Hub dynamometer vehicle testing at Millbrook
Vehicle environmental testing in a large climatic chamber at Millbrook Proving Ground

After a working at a number of small engineering companies, Darren returned to education and graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997. After graduating, Darren joined Millbrook, which at the time was owned by General Motors.

His first position was in full vehicle durability where he worked on small volume production vehicle programmes. He soon moved into the vehicle measurement and data collection team, where he was involved in NVH and road load data collection.

During this time, Darren got involved in some component testing in Millbrook’s main laboratory, which soon developed into a laboratory specifically for component testing. As this area grew and required more time, Darren took a permanent role as a component, safety systems and environmental test engineer, eventually becoming the laboratory manager. 

Darren became the Chief Engineer of Vehicle at Millbrook in 2017. He has been involved in implementing facilities for testing new vehicle technologies and developing safe test procedures and protocols.

Employee Profiles

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