Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers


Investing in people

Automotive dynamometer test systems by Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering

At Millbrook, people have always been, and will continue to be, the most critical element of our success.

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High and low voltage electric powertrain systems development testing at Millbrook

Life at Millbrook

We are proud of what we do. Our work is made possible by empowering our workforce to build relationships based on loyalty and trust.

Working here is exciting; we are a key part of the automotive industry and our facilities are seen as a national asset in several countries in which we operate. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art testing facilities and develop applications for world-leading, low-carbon transportation technologies. Our investments demand skillful individuals with a strong work ethic and relevant experience.

We are constantly learning. We strive to be the best in the world at what we do and can only achieve this with the commitment we receive from our employees.

We fund professional accreditations and professionally registered mentors are assigned to support these.

We believe learning takes a variety of forms - training, development workshops, stretch assignments and job shadowing are available to all employees.

Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers

"Being a part of the growth from five cells just three years ago to what we are today has been very exciting. I now have the opportunity to grow a new test facility up from 4 test cells, with an entirely new crew of people and make it my own.” Stuart Montgomery, Test Engineering Manager in the USA

Female Engineer With Seat Testing Robot

“The management team at Millbrook helped me to reach my potential.” Wendy Wilkinson, Key Account Manager - UK

Engineers In Indoor Winter Tyre Test Facility

“Seven test drivers and engineers from Millbrook gave their strong support to us, when we had busy months in vehicle winter testing. These top professionals were fantastic even in arctic winter conditions – and they survived well in -38°C!” Janne Seurujärvi, Managing Director – Test World

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Shanghai Expo Careers Jobs Events

“Millbrook provides its customer excellent technical services and products. Our employees can get in touch with the most advanced technologies in the industry and various training opportunities.” Davis Sun, General Manager – Millbrook in China

Automotive apprenticeship careers in car engineering at Millbrook near Bedford, Leyland and Milton Keynes

"I wanted to do something more hands on while also learning. I got this job at Millbrook and I fell on my feet with it. I can’t praise our apprenticeships enough." Ross Slapp, Calibration Apprentice - UK

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering's Ice Hockey Team based in USA

Sports and Social

We encourage employees to attend our sports clubs and regular social events. Did you know that we have our very own ice hockey team based in Detroit?